AngularJS Tutorial: Demystifying Custom Directives

Posted by Peter
tags: angularjs javascript

Few of my recent tutorials were about AngularJS and its ability to work with DOM in very peculiar way: using structures called directives. Name itself is kinda not-so-much-descriptive when it comes to understand what exactly they do and to be honest...

AngularJS directive for C3.js - tutorial

Posted by Peter
tags: angularjs c3 d3 javascript

Today I’d like to write a tutorial showing how to write simple AngularJS directive. We’ll be creating C3.js wrapper, which I need one for my project.

First of all, we need some assumptions:

  1. we’ll be using AngularJS
  2. we want to use all available...

Zend Framework + Whoops (php errror for cool kids)

Posted by Peter
tags: php zend framework

In Zend Framework you can easily set a controller and action for error handling. In fact there is always default set for you. There is also default template. But what if you’d like to use something more sophisticated, let’s say.. nicer looking or better...

Zend Framework 1 and Composer

Posted by Peter
tags: php zend framework

Recently I found out, that Zend Framework 2 fully supports Composer - gem like package manager for PHP. But I couldn’t find a way to use it with Zend Framework 1 because of it’s default ZendLoaderAutoloader behavior. I really wanted to use it so I...

Minecraft + ATI + DELL switchable graphics

Posted by Peter

Minecraft uses OpenGL and this causes issue when you have a laptop with switchable graphic cards, for example tandem ATI + Intel as I have.

Out of the box my laptop uses Switchable Graphics  Method which selects which processor (card) to use by application...

Zend Framework: checking if user is logged in

Posted by Peter
tags: php

In most of applications user should be authenticated in order to access it (or maybe some parts, like admin panel). Again, in most cases it will be some kind of mechanism performing authentication against database or some kind of other storage.


Installing node.js on Fedora

Posted by Peter
tags: fedora linux node.js

Hi, Today I tried to install node.js on my Fedora and I got stuck after issuing ./configure command:

[code lang=bash] [..]error: could not configure a cxx compiler! [/code]

I have to admit that I was rather surprised because I have already installed...

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