Sublime Text 3 perfect PHP development set-up

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This is follow-up article to Sublime Text 2 perfect PHP development set-up. I decided to write this updated version, because from some time now Sublime Text 3 is out there. Maybe it is still officially beta, but works pretty stable and I’m using it for few months now. This list is almost the same as in previous article – most of plugins I used with ST2 have been updated in order to work with ST3 and I stopped using few of them, so they are out. I’m kinda lazy, so some…read more


Zend Framework + Whoops (php errror for cool kids)

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In Zend Framework you can easily set a controller and action for error handling. In fact there is always default set for you. There is also default template. But what if you’d like to use something more sophisticated, let’s say.. nicer looking or better displaying error stack trace, which obviously helps a lot while debugging? My suggestion is to use Whoops, an open source library enabling great looking and very intuitive error displaying in any PHP application. Whoops author prepared support for Zend Framework 2, Silex and more, but unfortunately…read more


Zend Framework 1 and Composer

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Recently I found out, that Zend Framework 2 fully supports Composer – gem like package manager for PHP. But I couldn’t find a way to use it with Zend Framework 1 because of it’s default Zend_Loader_Autoloader behavior. I really wanted to use it so I came up with dirty hack, here it is: first you have to add require ‘vendor/autoload.php’; in order to load Composer autoloader. I do it in Bootstrap.php file: (By the way as you can see I’v put vendor folder in library, just to keep things organized.) now…read more


Sublime Text 2 perfect PHP development set-up

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Update: There is also available plugins list for Sublime Text 3, check it out here Lately, I’ve become a huge fun of Sublime Text 2, which in my humble opinion (OK, not only mine, take a look in here) is best text editor/IDE I’ve ever used. I called it IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which isn’t really true yet, but it’s getting awfully close to become one. Sublime Text 2 is great on its own, but it really starts to kick ass with help of addons called ‘packages’. You can look…read more


Zend Framework: options config file

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Zend Framework series #1 How to use options from additional config ini file? Pretty easy actually :) create new file in application\configs directory. Name it something like extra_parameters.ini you can place here any type of options and I mean ANY: list of access levels of your app information if debug is enabled (or other flag you wish to use) or any of available Zend config parameters for example: or and so on, and so on… :) As you might already know Zend Framework recognizes various Application Environments, mostly used are…read more


GitLab installation on Fedora 16 (with gitolite)

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This is updated version of my tutorial for GitLab 2.1. Old version can be found here Attention: this guide seriously outdated! It has been written for Gitlab v2.1 and current version is >= v7.1.1. Almost everything has changed since then. GitLab is a wonderful piece of software made by these guys and I’d like to try and install it on Fedora 16 system, as it is most recent Fedora OS at the time I am writnig this. I will base my tutorial on on found here by Déja. Also on…read more