Sublime Text 3 perfect PHP development set-up

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This is follow-up arti­cle to Sub­lime Text 2 per­fect PHP devel­op­ment set-up. I decided to write this updated ver­sion, because from some time now Sub­lime Text 3 is out there. Maybe it is still offi­cially beta, but works pretty sta­ble and I’m using it for few months now. This list is almost the same as in pre­vi­ous arti­cle — most of plu­g­ins I used with ST2 have been updated in order to work with ST3 and I stopped using few of them, so they are out. I’m kinda lazy, so some…read more


Zend Framework + Whoops (php errror for cool kids)

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In Zend Frame­work you can eas­ily set a con­troller and action for error han­dling. In fact there is always default set for you. There is also default tem­plate. But what if you’d like to use some­thing more sophis­ti­cated, let’s say.. nicer look­ing or bet­ter dis­play­ing error stack trace, which obvi­ously helps a lot while debug­ging? My sug­ges­tion is to use Whoops, an open source library enabling great look­ing and very intu­itive error dis­play­ing in any PHP appli­ca­tion. Whoops author pre­pared sup­port for Zend Frame­work 2, Silex and more, but unfor­tu­nately…read more


Zend Framework 1 and Composer

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Recently I found out, that Zend Frame­work 2 fully sup­ports Com­poser — gem like pack­age man­ager for PHP. But I couldn’t find a way to use it with Zend Frame­work 1 because of it’s default Zend_Loader_Autoloader behav­ior. I really wanted to use it so I came up with dirty hack, here it is: first you have to add require ‘vendor/autoload.php’; in order to load Com­poser autoloader. I do it in Bootstrap.php file: (By the way as you can see I’v put ven­dor folder in library, just to keep things orga­nized.) now we…read more


Sublime Text 2 perfect PHP development set-up

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Update: There is also avail­able plu­g­ins list for Sub­lime Text 3, check it out here Lately, I’ve become a huge fun of Sub­lime Text 2, which in my hum­ble opin­ion (OK, not only mine, take a look in here) is best text editor/IDE I’ve ever used. I called it IDE (Inte­grated Devel­op­ment Envi­ron­ment) which isn’t really true yet, but it’s get­ting awfully close to become one. Sub­lime Text 2 is great on its own, but it really starts to kick ass with help of addons called ‘pack­ages’. You can look for…read more


Zend Framework: options config file

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Zend Frame­work series #1 How to use options from addi­tional con­fig ini file? Pretty easy actu­ally :) cre­ate new file in application\configs direc­tory. Name it some­thing like extra_parameters.ini you can place here any type of options and I mean ANY: list of access lev­els of your app infor­ma­tion if debug is enabled (or other flag you wish to use) or any of avail­able Zend con­fig para­me­ters for exam­ple: or and so on, and so on… :) As you might already know Zend Frame­work rec­og­nizes var­i­ous Appli­ca­tion Envi­ron­ments, mostly used are Pro­duc­tion and Devel­op­ment, but…read more


GitLab installation on Fedora 16 (with gitolite)

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This is updated ver­sion of my tuto­r­ial for Git­Lab 2.1. Old ver­sion can be found here Atten­tion: this guide seri­ously out­dated! It has been writ­ten for Git­lab v2.1 and cur­rent ver­sion is >= v7.1.1. Almost every­thing has changed since then. Git­Lab is a won­der­ful piece of soft­ware made by these guys and I’d like to try and install it on Fedora 16 sys­tem, as it is most recent Fedora OS at the time I am writ­nig this. I will base my tuto­r­ial on on found here by Déja. Also on…read more