Installing node.js on Fedora

Posted by Peter
tags: fedora linux node.js

Hi, Today I tried to install node.js on my Fedora and I got stuck after issuing ./configure command:

[code lang=bash] [..]error: could not configure a cxx compiler! [/code]

I have to admit that I was rather surprised because I have already installed gcc and cpp packages. What was actually missing was this: gcc-c++. You can get it with:

[code lang=bash] yum install gcc-c++ [/code]

Running ./configure again and… next stop:

[code lang=bash] error: Could not autodetect OpenSSL support. Make sure OpenSSL development packages are installed. Use configure –without-ssl to disable this message. [/code]

This time it was fixed by installing openssl-devel package with

[code lang=bash] yum install openssl-devel [/code]

That’s it, now you should have working node.js

Go nuts! ;)