AngularJS Tutorial: Demystifying Custom Directives

Posted by Peter
tags: angularjs javascript

Few of my recent tutorials were about AngularJS and its ability to work with DOM in very peculiar way: using structures called directives. Name itself is kinda not-so-much-descriptive when it comes to understand what exactly they do and to be honest, it didn’t tell me much at first.

Hopefully there is a ton of material and all sort of information available online and recently I found one great blog entry demystifying them: “AngularJS Tutorial: Demystifying Custom Directives” by Eric W. Greene

Just a taste of what is in it:

What is a directive? To put it simply, directives are JavaScript functions that manipulate and add behaviors to HTML DOM elements. Directives can be very simplistic or extremely complicated. Therefore, getting a solid grasp on their many options and functions that manipulate them is critical.

I highly recommend you to read it, especially that it’s written very clearly and it’s easy to follow, so please take a look and let mi know if you liked it and found it as helpful as I did :)